How Can I Help?

Are you wondering who I am and what I do? What my qualifications are and what I specialize in? What services I offer and how much they cost?

Are you in chronic pain that no one has been able to help? Have you been in a car accident and are worried your life will never be the same? Did you injure yourself doing the activity you love and you can’t wait to get back to it? 

Are you wanting to get to the gym regularly but you don’t know what to do when you get there? Are you having difficulty getting motivated when no one is holding you accountable? Do you have a history of injury or are you in chronic pain and worried you are just going to injure yourself in the gym? Are you wanting to cross-train or improve your performance in your sport of choice? Are you getting older and afraid of injuring yourself doing what you love to do?

Are you pregnant or planning on getting pregnant? Do you want to know how to optimize your physical health throughout pregnancy? Do you have questions regarding what physical activities you can or cannot do? Can you no longer do your normal activities and you need some direction on how to stay strong and fit? Do you want to know how to prepare for the physically demanding task of labor? Do you want to prevent postpartum conditions such as diastasis recti, hemorrhoids, prolapse and perineal tearing?

Are you a new mom? Are you finding that things just aren’t the same down there? Do you still have pain? Are you still leaking pee and is it effecting your daily life? Do you still have difficulty or pain with pooping? Are you unable to hold in gas? Are you wondering how to return to physical activity safely and without injuring yourself? Do you want to work toward being even stronger than you were before pregnancy?

Are you wondering what pelvic physical therapy is? Do you have pelvic pain unrelated to pregnancy or childbirth? Do you have pain with penetration or bowel and bladder issues even though you have never had a kid? 

Still lost? No problem!

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