COVID-19 Update

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Cliff Notes
  • In-person visits are cancelled until April 6th…for now.
  • Virtual appointments are available…very available. Click here to schedule.
  • Try to focus not on what is lost but what is gained during this time. 
  • Prioritize your self-care to boost your immune system and reduce the physical effects of stress. Resources for how to do so below. 
  • Support local businesses if you are able to. Click here for a map of restaurants offering take out. 
  • If you are a local business in struggle town, click here for resources.
  • I finally have the time to work on creating online content! The promised blog about the diaphragm will be heading your way soon.
Heavy Heart, Clear Mind
As most of you know by now, I stopped seeing patients in person as of Tuesday March 17. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make for myself and for my business. While I am still struggling to adapt to life without work, I know that it was an absolutely necessary decision. If you have had to make a similar decision yourself, I’m with you. This sucks.

If you are debating over whether or not to make this decision, I recommend reading this article. An infectious disease epidemiologist, Britta Jewell, graphed the difference between taking this shelter in seriously today versus doing it in a week. By averting one case today, there is a 40% reduction in total cases. In my opinion, this makes it very clear what action needs to happen TODAY even if its detrimental to your livelihood.

For the week leading up to this I was having the ongoing debate in my head: Were people over-reacting or was I under-reacting? Here is an article that basically states the nature of saving people through prevention will seem like an overreaction at the time. If we wait until we know its absolutely necessary, it will be too late. The article coins the term “paradox of preparedness” to highlight the fact that if we are effective in flattening the curve of this pandemic, it will seem as though we completely over-reacted and took unnecessary actions in retrospect. At this point, I hope this is how we all feel a few months from now.  

*Credit to Chris Kresser for bringing clarity to my decisions by sharing these articles
The Bright Side
Having completed my first week without work, I find myself stressed, anxious, concerned, scared, frustrated and angry at my husband for being able to work from home as if nothing has changed while my world has been completely turned upside down. I share this not to seek pity but to let all of you know that you are not alone in having any and all of these feelings. 

While I have not reached it emotionally, I know intellectually that there are opportunities coming out of all of this and I encourage you, just as I am encouraging myself, to focus not on what is lost during this but what is gained. We all of a sudden have an abundance of time. This can be scary and hard to adapt to in a culture that looks at unproductive time as wasted time. But I think this can be good for us. We are a nation that is riddled with disease due to stress and disconnect. I believe we can use this opportunity to prioritize self-care and reconnect to those we love even if it’s over FaceTime. It is an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate nature again. A time to return to family meals and caring for our elders. Has anyone else met their neighbors for the first time because for once we are all home? There is a beauty in all of this. You just have to look for it.

Finding the bright side of this with respects to my professional career has been a lot more challenging. Being a manual therapist, I would have considered it absolutely essential to see my patients in person but today I had my first virtual appointment and was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. I didn’t realize how much I can help a person help themselves when that is the only option. I am beginning to look at this as an opportunity to guide people into being more independent with their own healing. I am also no longer restricted to treating people that live within my area. So if you have a flare up, feel your pain starting to build or want to work on making your home exercise more effective at reducing and preventing your pain, I suggest you book a virtual appointment. I can also evaluate and treat any friend or relative living in California that is in need.
In the meantime, I will use my time to produce more online educational content and study the crap out of functional medicine. Two things I have been wanting to do for awhile now. 
How to Cope with the Dark Side
While its easy to state that there is a bright side, its hard to feel it. At the end of the day, there is a pandemic, many are out of work, we are confined to our homes and people are dying. Its normal to feel stressed, worried and anxious about this which is why it is more important than ever before to take care of ourselves. Stress compromises our immune system and right now, that is the last thing we need. Here is what I would recommend focusing on to optimize your health and well-being during this time followed by a list of resources for each. 

  • Meditate daily. This doesn’t have to be traditional legs crossed meditation. It can be anything that helps you clear your mind.
  • Focus on your breath often. Try to get it out of your chest. Diaphragmatic breath (also known as 360 deg or umbrella breathing) stimulates the vagus nerve bringing our systems out of fight or flight and back into rest and digest so we don’t physically take on the stress.
  • Don’t watch the news. Its fear based information and immediately triggers a stress response in all of us. Pick one reliable source and check in with it for updates on restrictions and guidelines. Or pick someone to be your informer so you can let go of it.
  • Move daily. Preferably outside. 
  • Increasing your heart rate for 30 minutes a day has been shown to decrease chronic pain.
  • High intensity workouts release endorphins that brighten our mood but they are also an a form of stress to the body. Alternate high intensity days with lighter exercise such as walks and yoga to avoid adrenal fatigue. 
  • Avoid inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol and gluten. Increase your vitamin A and D intake through dark leafy greens and vegetables. 
  • Connect with your loved ones, family and neighbors. We are fortunate to have so many options with technology these days. Physical distancing does not have to mean social disconnect. 
  • If you are in a place that allows you to give, do. Support local business by buying take out, gift cards or gifts. Continue to pay for services that you aren’t receiving if you can. If you can’t, write a review, refer or tag businesses on social media to reach those that can. If you are struggling yourself, ask for help and receive it. 
  • Get outside. Nature can provide us with everything we need. 
  • Deep sleep is essential to our health and immunity. 
  • Have a winding down routine that starts an hour before bed to help calm your nervous system. Avoid screens and stimulating activities.
  • Aim for 7-9 hours of undisturbed sleep. 
  • Chris Kresser *later advised not taking propolis with vitamin A and D due to an increase in receptors that are used by the coronavirus
  • 41 Immune Boosting Recipes
  • Click here to view a map of restaurants overing take out and delivery. 
  • If you are a struggling business, click here for resources from SBDC. 
April 15th – Luma Postnatal Pelvic Floor Workshop. 7-8pm. Click here for Zoom meeting link. 

April 23rd – Speaking at Santa Cruz Trauma Informed Consortium on how trauma (emotional and physical) affects the pelvic floor.
10% off statewide through the end of march! Click here to buy the most effective and clean face, body and beauty products on the market. 
My Family
Peyton got glasses! She has been cross-eyed since day 1 and it was only getting worse so we were sent to get her eyes checked and she’s farsighted. I feel so bad she has been seeing blurry for this long! So far she is loving her glasses and I think they are the cutest thing ever. But I’m biased 🙂 
Coming Up Next…I PROMISE!

The Diaphragm
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