UPDATED 6/12/2020: Just less than a month ago I would have considered myself aware that racism was still present in the country I call home. I would have denied being part of the problem and I would have felt I didn’t have any power to change it where it was present. 

I was wrong. Once I realized this, I immediately jumped to trying to do better but in retrospect, I still didn’t understand. My intention was good, but the actions weren’t ones that would lead to true change within myself, within my country and within my race. All I can do is apologize for this. For all of it. And work toward being better. 

While I am more educated and more aware than ever before, I have a long way to go. Please be patient with me as I have only started to listen, learn, reflect, analyze, amplify, support, donate and act. This is a shift within myself and my country that should have happened a long time ago. All I can do now is commit to being part of the change. Not just today, but every day.


Resources Compiled Others

Support Black-Owned Businesses Here
Rachel Ricketts
Alyssa Klein and Sarah Sophie Flicker 
Tasha K
75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice
Free Forest School Community Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources and Links
Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

Resources I Personally Recommend

Black-Owned Businesses in Santa Cruz
Nicole Cardoza Anti-Racism Daily Email
Rachel Cargle’s Patreon: The Great Unlearn
Dive In Well (eBooks)
13th (Netflix)
If you are a wellness/fitness/health professional:
Anti-Racism & Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals
If you are a small business owner:
Reimagining Small Business: A town hall to listen, learn and commit to building equitable anti-racist organizations. Hosted by Rachel Rodgers of Hello Seven.
If you are a parent:
Raising Race Conscious Children
Coming Together: Standing Up To Racism – A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall For Kids and Families
The Talk: How to talk to your children about race
Social Justice Books

*If anyone has a resource they feel should be on this list, please contact me here.

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