Category: Pelvic Physical Therapy

The Postpartum Dilemma and How to Navigate It

In many respects, there is a lot of beauty in the postpartum period. A new life is introduced to this world, your heart opens up like you never knew it could and all of a sudden, you have a bigger purpose. But there is… Continue Reading “The Postpartum Dilemma and How to Navigate It”

Mama Care

The first step toward change is recognizing that there is a problem and I believe we are there when it comes to peripartum care in the United States. Research is showing that as a first world country, the US is falling short, especially when… Continue Reading “Mama Care”

Why Everyone Should Get to Know Their Pelvic Floor

There is a common misconception that the pelvic floor is only relevant for women who have had kids. I’m here to tell you this is bonkers. Sure, having a child tends to lend to more obvious pelvic floor dysfunction, but there are many signs… Continue Reading “Why Everyone Should Get to Know Their Pelvic Floor”

Spinal Stability

The intricacies of spinal stability can get complicated but the big picture is pretty simple. It can be summed up in a few sentences: a stable spine is required for strength and proper function of our limbs or whole body for that matter. The… Continue Reading “Spinal Stability”

The Diaphragm – More Than Just a Muscle

“There is arguably no other muscle in the human body that is so central literally and figuratively to our physical, biochemical and emotional health as the diaphragm. From its obvious role in respiration to its less obvious roles in postural stability, spinal decompression, fluid… Continue Reading “The Diaphragm – More Than Just a Muscle”

What Exactly is Pelvic Physical Therapy?

I think it’s probably best to start with “what the heck is the pelvic floor?” Just like the rotator cuff, the pelvic floor is a group of muscles that work together for a common purpose. The pelvic floor spans the bottoms of the pelvis… Continue Reading “What Exactly is Pelvic Physical Therapy?”

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