Just as it takes a village to raise a child, I believe it takes a strong group of various health professionals to properly serve a community. I am invested in the bettering of each patient’s life and often I am not the only treatment modality to get them there. I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a group of amazing people with incredible talent, empathy and passion which enables me to best serve the people of Santa Cruz County. So without further ado, my squad…


Anne Chiaramonte

Birthpoint of Santa Cruz

People’s Integrative Medicine (Danielle Uzes)

Body Workers

Cait Kelso

Denise Tu CMT

Jenny Call

Jennifer Eisele CMT


Dr. Kerri Crandell DC

Dr. Krista Healy DC

Dr. Lawrence Calderone DC


Dr. Kyle Keene DO

Dr. Laetitia Oderman MD, FACOG

Dr. Paul Ware MD

Dr. Warren Scott MD


Ana Hernandez

Kymm Ann Wallin

Stephanie Kerwin


Pacific Community Midwives

Santa Cruz Midwives

Madrone Mirielle Cervelli

The Wifeys @ Monterey Birth and Wellness Center

Fitness Professionals

Coastline Pilates (Abigail Allen & Teresa Moorleghen)

CrossFit SCM (JP Camperi)

Luma Yoga

Paradigm (Joey Wolfe)

ReInvention Fitness (Doug Barsanti)

Rocky’s Fitness Center

Sea to Summit Training (Dylan Staniec)

Physical Therapists

Amelia Foster Physical Therapy

Jiu Jitsu Therapy (Adriana Mesa PT)

Pelvic Potential (Sara Tanza PT)

Santa Cruz Pelvic Potential (Taflyn Wilschinsky)


Sara Weir MFT

Lauren Reppy MFT

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