For Individuals With Pain

Conquering Chronic Pain

Your 2-month journey from suffering or managing to thriving.

Physical Therapy

If you’re in pain, chronic or acute, physical therapy is what you’re looking for. Through a thorough evaluation process, a physical therapist can diagnose musculoskeletal dysfunction better than any other medical professional. By defining impairments, a physical therapist can specifically treat the cause of pain and/or functional limitations through manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

Health Coaching

Pain is multi-faceted so treatment of pain must address all of the factors going into it in order to make it go away permanently. I have found that for many, the musculoskeletal portion of their pain is the smaller one. For others, they know what to do, they just can’t figure out how to consistently do it. This is what health coaching is all about: addressing all aspects of pain in a way that creates lasting change for mental and physical wellness.

What People Say

“On seemingly rare occasions, I stumble across people whose conviction, expertise and knowledge within their field is truly profound. In the realm of physical therapy, Jenny is certainly one of these people. Her work was exemplary in guiding me through the painful recovery process following shoulder surgery. During that time, I learned much more about the inner related workings of mind + body, rather than just issues related to the shoulder. In a word, my experience with Jenny was remarkable. Also, I have not had a better massage, ever.”


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