For Trainers, Coaches and Perinatal Professionals

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Functional Fitness

Level 1 Certification

The often forgotten, but very important, bottom of the core.

This 4-hour workshop is designed for fitness professionals seeking a deeper understanding of the pelvic floor and how to effectively integrate it into their movement training.

How to incorporate more specific strength into your prenatal and postpartum yoga classes.

This 2-hour training is designed for prenatal and postpartum yoga instructors that want to elevate the effectiveness and benefit of their classes.

External techniques to address the pelvic floor.

This 1-2 hour workshop is designed for bodyworkers who want to release the pelvic floor externally but are unsure about how or are not quite comfortable doing so. The longer workshop provides an opportunity to practice the learned techniques.

Screening for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

This 2-3 hour workshop covers prenatal and postnatal internal and external screening for pelvic floor dysfunction for midwives. Diastasis recti will also be addressed. The longer workshop allows for hands on practice with instruction and feedback for the techniques covered. A checklist form is provided for clinical use.

How to lift heavier, feel better and not pee yourself.

This 4 hour workshop covers everything about the pelvic floor and how to incorporate it into powerlifting. This information applies to EVERYONE, not just women who pee themselves while lifting. If you don’t have symptoms with lifting heavy, this knowledge and the strategies we go over will result in heavier lifts. It’s a beautiful thing. This workshop includes time to lift with direct feedback.

Pelvic floor fundamentals that everyone in the gym should know.

This 2 hour workshop goes over anatomy, function and dysfunction of the pelvic floor as well as how it serves as the bottom of the core and the best ways to make sure your whole core is engaged while working out.

Does your gym, clinic, office or professional group have a specific need ?

I love generating new content and tailoring it to specific needs. I can literally talk anything involving pain, performance, joints, spine, pelvic floor, mobility, stability, lifting and fitness with specific application to what you do or who you work with. Let’s have a chat to come up with a workshop or training that is EXACTLY what you are looking for.

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