Free Resources

Free Pelvic Floor Workshop

Designed for anyone who is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have already given birth (days or years ago!), this self-paced 90 minute workshop covers all the basics of pelvic floor anatomy and function.

Use code JPPT at checkout for free access.

Individual Offerings

New Beginnings

Optimize pregnancy and prepare for delivery.

$47/month or $147/month w/ live calls

Perinatal Pelvic Floor Class Series

Learn how to be your own pelvic floor physical therapist.


Pregnancy Fit

Week-by-week workouts for pregnancy & pre-conception.


Childbirth Education

Coming soon!

Physical Therapy

In-person & virtual

Are you craving more individualized, hands-on support? I can help to minimize pregnancy discomfort, maintain strength and alignment, and prepare your body for a better birth and postpartum recovery.