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Free Pelvic Floor Workshop

Designed for anyone who is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or has given birth (days or years ago), this self-paced 90-minute workshop is packed with all the basics of pelvic floor anatomy and function. Learn how to optimize your pregnancy, prepare for labor and delivery as well as recovery and rebuild in postpartum for free today!

Use code JPPT at checkout for free access.

Find a Pelvic Floor PT Near You

Local Support (Santa Cruz County)

Postpartum Depression


  • Kristin Nemzer: 831-345-1500
  • Genine Leighton, LMFT: 831-566-6830 *good reputation for pregnancy/postpartum
  • Jessica Sorci, LMFT – Family Tree Wellness, Los Gatos: 408-345-5572
  • Amanda Fargo, PsyD: 831-246-0456
  • Ellen Coren, LMFT: 831-425-1004
  • Janaki Hattis, LMFT (covered by many insurance plans): 831-662-9824
  • Susan Matthews Scott, LMFT (covered by many insurance plans): 831-423-2445
  • Lauren Reppy, LMFT, PMH-C: 831-216-6522

Perinatal Yoga