Level 1 Certification


Improve coaches’ and trainer’s ability to provide high quality, educated strength training to pregnant and postpartum individuals at all stages and of all fitness backgrounds.


 6 hours of pre-recorded lecture material, resource videos of demonstration (including application of content to Jenny’s own pregnant body throughout pregnancy), a 68 page course manual, PDFs of all powerpoint presentations from lecture.


which gives life long access including any future updates to the material.

Course Objectives

  1. Recognize myths and bad information that is circulating.
  2. Know basic anatomy of the pelvic floor, how it functions and how to cue up-training and down-training of the pelvic floor.
  3. Understand how the pelvic floor operates within the bigger core stabilization system.
  4. Be able to recognize poor posture and correct it through cueing and/or modification.
  5. Be able to recognize pathological breathing patterns and correct it through cueing and/or modification.
  6. Be able to recognize ineffective stabilization strategies and correct it through cueing and/or modification.
  7. Understand the mindset of athletes in pregnancy and postpartum for effective communication and coaching.
  8. Have basic knowledge of the physiological changes in pregnancy and postpartum with coaching implications throughout.
  9. Be familiar with signs and symptoms of dysfunction in addition to common diagnoses and what to consider in coaching someone with each of them.
  10. Know the contraindications to exercise and be able to recognize when referral in indicated.
  11. Effectively integrate posture, breath and muscle recruitment into functional movement and weightlifting for effective strength and conditioning of the pregnant and postpartum population.


Requirements for satisfactory completion of course to qualify for CEUs:
  • all lectures marked as completed
  • written case study assignment demonstrating understanding and application of information
  • passing grade of 60% or higher on quiz
  •  completion of course evaluation
Individuals have applied for this course to qualify for CEUs from the following entity and been approved: ACE
Applications for CEU approval from the following entities are in progress: CrossFit, ACE