New Beginnings


A complete virtual program to optimize pregnancy and prepare you for delivery

Becoming a parent is a BIG adjustment and we often find ourselves navigating the transition on our own. New Beginnings is a self-paced virtual course that includes everything you need to know about your body and pregnancy including common signs and symptoms, what to do about them and how to optimize your pregnancy.

Learn how to prepare your pelvic floor for delivery, optimal positions for labor, and different pushing strategies.

PLUS, I’ll take you through the first 2 weeks after delivery: what to expect and how you can prepare.

How does it work?

This program is a monthly subscription— go at your own pace! It includes short  educational videos (<10min) and transcripts that take you through each aspect of pregnancy and labor.

If you’re craving community and personal support, upgrade to weekly live calls with Jenny to ask questions, gain more insight, and connect with other expecting folks.

Weekly calls are Mondays at 5:45pm PST (subject to change).