Your complete pregnancy program to optimize pregnancy and prepare for delivery

This is for YOU. It's time to give yourself something, it's time for YOU to get support, it's time someone looked out for YOU. Happy healthy YOU, raises a happy healthy baby. This isn't luxurious, it's essential. 

Why A Program?

Becoming a parent is an adjustment. Education, direction, empowerment and support are mandatory but often absent in this transition.
A program provides the easy to access education and direction with weekly group coaching calls for accountability, support and community.

How This Program Works

A monthly subscription, you get to choose whether you want to weekly live calls.
Educational short videos (<10min) and transcripts.
Support, check ins and access to Jenny with weekly live calls (Tues @ 6:00pm PST) and online community (optional)

Content Overview

Everything you need to know about your body and pregnancy including common signs and symptoms, what to do about them and how to optimize your pregnancy.
Labor and delivery prep including how to prepare your pelvic floor, optimal positions for labor and delivery and different pushing strategies.
How to prepare for early postpartum and what to expect for the first 2 weeks after delivery. More on postpartum in the postpartum program, "Whole Again".
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Physical Module

Signs and symptoms (what they mean and what to do about them), abdominal and glut strength, supportive belts and straps, sleep positions,

Mental Module

How to prepare to hit the postpartum wall, getting your ducks in order, life lessons learned in pregnancy, body image.

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Labor and Delivery Module

How to prepare the pelvic floor, optimal positions throughout labor, pushing strategies.

Postpartum Preview

What to expect in the first week, the importance of rest and what clearance at your 6 week visit actually means.

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Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls (Optional)

A weekly 60-minute live call with Jenny Putt PT every Tuesday @ 6:00pm PST. Calls provide an opportunity for check ins to ask any questions, have discussions and get support. This makes sure that your individual experience is addressed. Recordings are provided.

A Sneak Peak

How to keep abdominal strength and build your gluts to avoid the flat butt.

Throwing out thoughts, ideas and limiting beliefs that don't serve you.

How to address leaking and frequent urination.

How to cure pregnancy constipation and hemorrhoids.

Tuning in. What signs and symptoms to pay attention to and what to do about them.

How to prepare for labor and delivery including positions for labor and pushing strategies.

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