Perinatal Fitness

Don’t sacrifice your fitness goals.

Learn the principles of perinatal fitness and understand your specific needs throughout each stage so you can safely exercise through pregnancy and effectively rebuild in postpartum.

Whole Again

A self-guided virtual program for postpartum

Whole Again includes a complete postpartum fitness program.
Work your way from early postpartum recovery exercises to weight lifting and running.

Individualized remote gym programming


You name your goals, the equipment you have access to, and how much time you can spend working out — I’ll give you customized workouts with video demonstrations of each exercise. Then you provide your results, pictures and/or video along the way so I can give you feedback on form. This is a great way to maintain accountability and meet your individual strength needs.

“Thanks, Jenny! I just went for my first run using your return to running program and… it went great! It didn’t even feel like anything was falling out! I’m so excited.”