Postpartum Build

Build the strength and energy you need to keep up with the demands of mom life

If you’ve completed Postpartum Rehab or are more than a year postpartum (with minimal symptoms), THIS is the way to level up your fitness routine.

Focusing on safe and effective functional movements, Postpartum Build includes 3 weekly home workouts that with build strength and stamina for all that life throws at you.

What makes this different from other fitness programs?

If you’re a busy mom who’s ready to get into a regular fitness routine, Postpartum Build focuses on the key components that will keep you feeling strong and energized: functional core, glut, and shoulders (with a cardio component, of course!) This program includes 3 strength training sessions per week, which can be modified up or down based on your fitness level.

For people who have given birth, it’s especially important that your fitness routine focuses on quality and form. As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, all of my programming focuses on safety along with effectiveness.

Struggling with incontinence, pain, prolapse or diastasis recti?

Start with my 8 Months Stronger fitness program.