Feeling like a stranger in your own body?

It’s time to rediscover your strength and find more comfort in postpartum.

Whole Again

A self-guided virtual program for postpartum

Have you given birth in the past week, month, or year? Whole Again is a self-guided course that covers everything you need to know about your postpartum body and how to rebuild in order to feel as good and as strong as you ever have.

Learn more about your pelvic floor and how to improve it’s function in this introductory workshop

Designed for anyone who is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have already given birth (days or years ago!), this workshop covers all the basics of pelvic floor anatomy and function.

Become your own Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in seven weeks

Navigate pregnancy, labor and/or postpartum with confidence and an unprecedented understanding of your body.

Whether you opt for in-person classes, a live virtual series, or self-guided instruction, I’m here to meet you where you are and assist you in taking steps toward where you want to be.

Physical Therapy

In-person & virtual

Postpartum recovery can be frustrating and overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Let’s work together to tackle uncomfortable symptoms so you can feel your best.

“Sorry for the TMI but you’re the only one who can appreciate that I just pooped without any issues. I didn’t even know I was going poop! I didn’t have to support myself or anything, it just happened like I am a normal person.”