Pregnancy & Postpartum Functional Fitness

Level 1 Certification

Jenny Putt PT, OCS, FAFS, CMP, CF-L2

My Vision

My name is Jenny Putt and I am an athlete and a mom. I am also a pelvic physical therapist and CrossFit Level 2 coach. Having been through the transition of pregnancy and postpartum myself, I know there is a huge need when it comes to both education and quality fitness opportunities for moms in Santa Cruz. I wanted to provide a space where moms can exercise safely and effectively without judgement and with respect for the transformation they are going through. This includes women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, newly postpartum or even 20 years postpartum. 

In May 2019, I started Mom Strong Santa Cruz functional fitness classes at CrossFit SCM. My aim was to meet the needs of all moms throughout all stages coming from all levels of fitness experience. Too often women find themselves unable to workout because they are “too pregnant” or injured because they tried to return to what they did before baby too quickly and without proper guidance. I was out to fix this. Over time, it became obvious that the need was more than what I could meet as one individual so in August 2019 I held the first Pregnancy and Postpartum Functional Fitness Certification Level 1 course for the entire coaching staff of CrossFit SCM and one guest coach from CrossFit Central. 

November 4th, 2019 was the beginning of something big. CrossFit SCM started offering 4 classes a week for moms, providing childcare for kiddos of all ages. For the first time, mothers of Santa Cruz County had a place to go to where they would be properly supported and guided through all phases of pregnancy and postpartum. I hope more coaches, trainers and entire gyms will recognize this need and follow CrossFit SCM’s lead so that Santa Cruz County can better serve mothers and their strength needs.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Functional Fitness

Level 1 Certification

Goal: to improve coaches’ and trainer’s ability to provide high quality, educated strength training to pregnant and postpartum women at all stages and of all fitness backgrounds.

Course: Eight hours instruction (one or two day options). Certification manual provided to each participant. Instruction includes lecture, demonstration, hands on experience and a workout. 

Cost: $350 per guest coach/trainer. Minimum 10 attendees. Hosting gym can choose between discounted rate for coaches/trainers ($250) or 10% of course earnings.

Course Objectives
  1. Recognize myths and bad information that is circulating. 
  2. Know basic anatomy of the pelvic floor, how it functions and how to cue up-training and down-training of the pelvic floor.
  3. Understand how the pelvic floor operates within the bigger core stabilization system.
  4. Be able to recognize poor posture and correct it through cueing and/or modification.
  5. Be able to recognize pathological breathing patterns and correct it through cueing and/or modification.
  6. Be able to recognize ineffective stabilization strategies and correct it through cueing and/or modification.
  7. Understand the mindset of athletes in pregnancy and postpartum for effective communication and coaching.
  8. Have basic knowledge of the physiological changes in pregnancy and postpartum with coaching implications throughout.
  9. Be familiar with signs and symptoms of dysfunction in addition to common diagnoses and what to consider in coaching someone with each of them.
  10. Know the contraindications to exercise and be able to recognize when referral in indicated.
  11. Effectively integrate posture, breath and muscle recruitment into functional movement and weightlifting for effective strength and conditioning of the pregnant and postpartum population.


Pregnancy & Postpartum Functional Fitness

Level 2 Certification

Currently in Development
  • Training principles
  • Programming 
  • Movement breakdowns/modification
  • Accessory exercises
  • Body weight exercises
  • Weight lifting (KB and DB)
  • Barbell 
  • Powerlifting
  • Postpartum running


Example of messaging that certified gyms and trainers can use for marketing…

Mom Strong

Building and Maintaining Strength Before, During and After Pregnancy

Example of messaging that certified gyms and trainers can use for marketing…

Moms Are Super Humans

We are here to help you prepare for and excel at pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

We are here to support you both physically and mentally whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, 6 weeks or even 20 years postpartum.

We are here to help you be strong, mom strong.

Example of messaging that certified gyms and trainers can use for marketing…

What is Mom Strong?


Mom Strong provides evidence based functional strength classes for women before, during and after pregnancy. Every coach of Mom Strong is trained and educated by Jenny Putt, pelvic physical therapist and CrossFit Level 2 instructor. The class programming is designed specifically for women who already are, are wanting to, or will be mothers. Each workout and movement is modified for each individual’s physical abilities and goals. Every single person leaves Mom Strong classes feeling challenged, accomplished, supported, worthy and pain free!


Mom Strong provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum education for mothers as part of their strength programming and through workshops hosted at various locations. Mom Strong aims to inform every participant about what their body needs, how to monitor their own form and how achieve quality over quantity that will result in long term health, fitness and wellbeing.


Mom Strong provides a space for mothers that is judgement free and respects every individual’s journey. Mom Strong provides both physical and emotional support for every woman at every stage of motherhood coming from any fitness or non-fitness background through coaching, education and community.


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Pregnancy & Postpartum Functional Fitness

Level 1 Certification
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