Pregnancy Fit

Week-by-week workouts for pregnancy & pre-conception

Feel STRONG in your pregnancy with workouts that evolve along with your changing body. With Pregnancy Fit, you’ll receive 4o weeks of fitness: 3 strength training workouts per week that correlate to where you are in your pregnancy journey.

With an emphasis on core, gluts and shoulders (plus a cardio component to optimize your body’s ability to carry a baby in utero), this program will keep you feeling strong through each trimester and sets you up for success in your postpartum rebuild.

How does it work?

This program was filmed through my own pregnancy. It’s been tested and modified for all fitness levels, so you can adjust each movement to ensure safe and effective movements every step of the way.

Unlike other fitness programs, Pregnancy Fit includes an education component that will help you understand how the needs of the body change each trimester and how that will effect your fitness training needs. In the third trimester, I include labor & delivery preparation as part of your workouts.

Looking for more prenatal support?

My virtual pregnancy program will help you optimize your pregnancy and prepare you for delivery.