For Pregnancy

Want a more comfortable pregnancy
& better birth experience?

Start with your pelvic floor and FEEL the difference.

New Beginnings

A self-guided virtual program for pregnancy

New Beginnings is a complete guide to your core & pelvic floor for pregnancy. This self-guided course covers everything you need to know, from safe exercise to comfortable sleeping positions and so much more. Prepare your pelvic floor for labor and dive into strategies and positions for safe and effective pushing.

Learn more about your pelvic floor and how to improve it’s function in this introductory workshop

Designed for anyone who is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or have already given birth (days or years ago!), this workshop covers all the basics of pelvic floor anatomy and function.

Become your own Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in seven weeks

Navigate pregnancy, labor and/or postpartum with confidence and an unprecedented understanding of your body.

Whether you opt for in-person classes, a live virtual series, or self-guided instruction, I’m here to meet you where you are and assist you in taking steps toward where you want to be.

Week-by-week workouts for pregnancy & pre-conception

Feel STRONG in your pregnancy and prepare for labor & delivery with workouts that evolve along with your changing body. With Pregnancy Fit, you’ll receive 40 weeks of fitness programming: 3 strength workouts per week that correlate to where you are in your pregnancy journey with mobility to do on your recovery days.

The strength workouts focus on functional movements that target the core, gluts and shoulders to optimize your body’s ability to carry a growing baby in utero. There is also a cardio element to each workout to get endorphins pumping and train your body for labor and delivery. The mobility portion can be tailored to your individual needs and symptoms which may change throughout pregnancy. This unique combination of programming within Pregnancy Fit will keep you feeling strong through each trimester and set you up for success in your postpartum rebuild.

Sign-up to access an extensive on-demand library of perinatal fitness classes including strength workouts and yoga that you can do whenever it works best for you!

Created specifically for pregnancy and postpartum bodies, this program focuses on the key components that will keep you feeling strong, flexible and energized: functional core, gluts and shoulders with an emphasis on strength, mobility and cardio fitness.

Physical Therapy

In-person & virtual

Are you craving more individualized, hands-on support? I can help to minimize pregnancy discomfort, maintain strength and alignment, and prepare your body for a better birth and postpartum recovery.