For a long time I was feeling like I was missing something. My patients were getting better but not as quickly or as permanently as I knew they could. Over time the reasons for this became obvious: a lack of continual support and accountability, a narrow focus on only the musculoskeletal system and an inherent dependency on me instead of each individual being empowered with their own tools to become their own best physical therapist and life coach. It then took some time to figure out how to fill these gaps and offer a service that promotes multi-dimensional healing, patient education and empowerment as well as continual support, accountability and community. The end result: programs. Trust me, this is all you need. Right here.

Conquering Chronic Pain

Your 2-month journey from suffering or managing to thriving. Eight weeks of education with assignments, weekly group coaching calls and four individual coaching calls as well as continued support and community after the program comes to an end.


Whole Again

A 3-month membership-based postpartum program that includes literally everything you need to feel like yourself again. Short to the point education modules, expert interviews with transcripts and a comprehensive strength program, are all designed so that a busy, tired, burnt out mom like yourself can easily know what going on and what to do about. Weekly group coaching calls provide the support, accountability, community and an opportunity to ask any questions you otherwise don’t know who to ask.

Individualized Coaching

Are neither of these programs appropriate for your needs? That is what individualized health coaching is for. Three months, two 75-min coaching calls per month, a lifetime of feeling good.

We are in this together.

You have all you need.

You just need some help finding your way.

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