New Beginnings: Your Complete Pregnancy Program (with live calls) 150 150 Jenny Putt Physical Therapy

New Beginnings: Your Complete Pregnancy Program (with live calls)

About the Class

Jenny Putt PT, a pelvic floor physical therapist, covers everything you need to know about your pelvic floor and core in this course. She answers all of the questions that come up during pregnancy like how do I keep core strength? what exercises should I not do? what sleep positions are most comfortable? what do I do for symptoms? and more. She also gives easy-to-follow instructions on what to do today to optimize your physical well-being while growing a baby and prepare your pelvic floor for getting that baby out to set you up for the smoothest possible recovery.


  • Red flags that warrant a doctor/OB/midwife call or visit
  • The changes your body goes through during pregnancy and the consequences of such
  • How to maintain core stability throughout pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor anatomy and function
  • Pelvic floor symptoms of dysfunction and what to do about them
  • Upper and/or lower body pains you may experience throughout pregnancy and how to relieve them
  • Exercise guidelines
  • Exercises for a glut and core strength
  • Guidance and recommendations on supportive belts and bands
  • Sleeping tricks and positions
  • Addressing the mental struggles of pregnancy
  • Preparing your pelvic floor for labor and delivery
  • Labor positions and pushing strategies that are best for your pelvic floor
  • There is also a sneak peek at the postpartum course, Whole Again.


Anyone who is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant.

This course includes weekly live group coaching calls. This ensures that your questions are answered and your individual experience is supported throughout the pregnancy. Live calls are Mondays at 5:45pm PST (subject to change).

And if you know you are going to want the same guidance in postpartum, make sure you shift over to the postpartum course, Whole Again, one to two months before your due date. A lot of focus often goes into pregnancy and then you are left in postpartum feeling broken and unsure of what to do. This postpartum course prevents all of this and it’s best to soak up the information while you are still pregnant. This allows you to have all the information needed on day 1 of postpartum so you will be confident in how you feel and what to do about it immediately.