Believe it or not, evidenced based physical therapy is a relatively new thing. It was the buzz word when I went to physical therapy school and now its common practice but just 15 years ago, there was no such thing. Crazy right? Now is a time of transition. There are medical professionals that haven’t kept up with new research and there are new graduates that may not have the years of experience under their belt but they have more book knowledge than even the previous graduating year. Due to this disparity, the quality of care in every profession can widely vary. More than ever, people need to be their own advocate and be educated so that they can get the care they need. The problem is that Dr. Google can tell you anything whether its true or not. My aim is to provide a place that contains easy to access, up to date, valid research. I’m going to start by compiling an extensive list of reliable websites and research articles but hope to create my own reviews of the research with conclusions and summaries that are nothing but research based.

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