Cooking and Food Storage

If you’re looking to make a small change that goes a long way, I would look at what you are cooking your food in and what you are storing it in. Why? because the chemicals within these absorb into our food which we then consume giving these harmful ingredients the most immediate access to our insides.


  • Teflon and ANY non-stick surface
  • BPA and any replacement for it (found in canned food and plastic container/wraps)
  • Perchlorate, thiocyanate and nitrate (found in to-go containers)


  • Glass
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel

Lodge Cast Iron

A well “seasoned” cast iron can function very similarly to a non-stick surface but proper care of it is essential to its performance. I am by no means an expert but YouTube has a ton of them.


Stainless steel will stick but it is also easy to clean after you soak it in water.


Glass is the best option for food storage and cooking when possible. It is inert so it doesn’t interact with other materials. It is nonporous so it doesn’t transfer smell or flavors. It’s also 100% recyclable indefinitely. It is made from naturally occurring ingredients. Avoid any glassware labeled as vintage.