Safer Products

The Pelvic Floor and Hormone Disruptors

How to Reduce Your Toxic Load

Why Would a Physical Therapist Be Into Safer Products?

For me, it was all personal. I had an infant that had colic and horrible skin rashes. I was put through an elimination diet only to find out that it was actually the detergent we were using which happened to be labeled as “sensitive skin” friendly. Figuring this out made me realize that I really didn’t know what was in the products I used and even when I thought I knew, I didn’t. So I started doing some research.

Turns out there is a ton of information and research out there, you just have to be looking for it which translates into no one finding it unless you are forced to. As I expanded my knowledge base on the topic, I learned that our exposure to toxins and chemicals affect all systems of our body including, but certainly not limited to, the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. For this reason, I have started to include this information as part of my physical therapy treatments for those with chronic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. It is also very important for women planning on getting pregnant or those who are pregnant because the effects these ingredients can have on a growing fetus is alarming.

So yes, I am a physical therapist and I do specialize in the musculoskeletal system but I also believe that all systems are connected and therefore they must all be addressed in order to achieve full function without pain.


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