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I started working with Jenny last year, when I was about 24 week pregnant. She came highly recommended by my then strength coach and she has exceeded my expectations. Jenny is a PT, CrossFit level 1 coach and a pelvic floor specialist, and pours all that wealth of knowledge into personalized prenatal and postnatal physical therapy and programming. She created an individualized plan for me, followed up on a weekly basis, and adjusted each workout based on my abilities and feedback. Her programming was always on point and fun. She kept me active, healthy and safe until the very day of my induction. 

Sadly, I had serious complications during my delivery and both my baby and I spent quite some time at the hospital. I experienced bowel and urinary incontinence after giving birth; I had to wear diapers for almost 2 months postpartum. I also had third degree hemorrhoids that needed treatment with a proctologist. Last but not least, I struggled with carpal tunnel. I turned to Jenny for help with all these issues and she has been my rock through all of this. I am so grateful for her. Pelvic therapy is very intimate and personal, and more so after a traumatic birth, but Jenny always made me feel welcome, gave me her undivided attention every single time, and she listened to me. I always left feeling optimistic about my recovery after seeing her. Jenny is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work, and she really cares about her patients. After seven months Jenny’s expert care, I no longer have incontinence, and I am pain free. I started running again with no symptoms and I am back at the gym, lifting. I continue to work with Jenny and I am convinced I will be a stronger and a better athlete after having a baby thanks to her.”

– Claudia

“I would truly be lost without Jenny Putt.  She has helped me to manage my pain through her many techniques and has provided me with great relief.  Jenny is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive about muscular-skeletal issues and puts this knowledge to work during every session.  As a hands-on physical therapist, Jenny’s treatments can be painful, but I appreciate how she carefully navigates our sessions to maximize my long-term benefits.  She is the best physical therapist I have ever seen and I trust her completely!”

– Rebecca

“The pain started in my neck and shoulders after weeks it progressed to my shoulder blade then down my arm to my elbow and sometimes to my fingers. I didn’t know what had caused it (Doing too many push ups? The way my new car’s headrest pushed my head forward too far? Tennis? Stress?) One day just standing up I was in excruciating pain. Out of desperation, I drove past a physical therapy center and walked in, unannounced, and asked if anyone could help me. They said they were not set up for emergencies but gave me Jenny’s contact information. I called her from my living room floor, lying on my back in tears from the pain. Jenny agreed to fit me in the next morning. When I saw her she assessed my issues, made up a plan, gave me take home exercises, and promised me I would be healed in 4-6 weeks (by my birthday). I left feeling hopeful and my pain had lessened. But within 30 min of getting home I was back on the floor in pain. I texted her and asked if my returned pain was normal. She immediately assured me it wasn’t ideal but was completely normal and told me to take it easy. I trusted her and followed her plan. After 6 visits, (by my birthday, as promised) I was pain free! A few years later I felt some tinges of the same neck pain starting. I immediately booked an appointment for a tune up. After one appointment I was pain free again. Jenny truly has healing hands.”

–  Deana

“On seemingly rare occasions, I stumble across people whose conviction, expertise and knowledge within their field is truly profound. In the realm of physical therapy, Jenny is certainly one of these people. Her work was exemplary in guiding me through the painful recovery process following shoulder surgery. During that time, I learned much more about the inner related workings of mind + body, rather than just issues related to the shoulder. In a word, my experience with Jenny was remarkable. Also, I have not had a better massage, ever.”

– Braden

“In 2002, I severely broke my ankle (tibia and fibula).   At the time the doctor placed a permanent metal plate to secure it.  Following my accident, the injured ankle swelled badly. The plate was very uncomfortable, so on my doctor’s advice, I had the plate removed in 2016.  At the time I did 6 weeks of physical therapy.  The doctor also performed a gastroc release to my calf to lengthen my tight calf muscle and theoretically provide better movement at the ankle.  

After the surgery, I began to notice that I was tripping badly.  It seemed that my foot was dropping.  I returned to the doctor’s office and they really didn’t think it was related to the surgery.  By 2017, I had purchased a contraption to keep my foot from dropping.  It seemed that the foot drop was worse the more walking that I did. This only worked with one pair of shoes and wasn’t a perfect solution.

At a pilates class, I discussed my issue with the instructor.  She advised me to call Jenny Putt, Physical Therapy.  

I set up an appointment with Jenny in October 2018, and she immediately discovered that my calf still had a suture that had never dissolved.  This had caused the gastroc release to never happen.  

At that time, we checked the foot dorsiflexion in my bad ankle which would only raise to 65%.  The other ankle was at 100%.  The difference was exacerbating my tripping issue.  

I went back to the doctor’s office, and they still insisted that the suture would dissolve.  Not after 2 years.  I said that I would not leave until it was out.  It took close to an hour to remove 2 inches of suture from my calf.

Jenny is a wonder. I’m still working with her four months later, because I have lost so much ankle movement over time.  I do have to brag that my dorsiflexion is now 90%.

Please go see Jenny. She has made a world of difference.”

– Susan

“Thinking about going to see Jenny? Stop thinking about it and schedule! She has fixed some pretty spectacular damage for me. I ride (and crash) mountain bikes, practice full-contact sword fighting, and (I think worst of all) have a desk job. Jenny has gotten me through back pain, hip damage, and bad things done to my knees. I have an elbow that has been surgically repaired twice, but still didn’t work right…at least until Jenny got ahold of it. Works great now! So go see her – you won’t regret it.”

– Josh

“I’ve had back and Achilles injuries. After going to insurance paid for P. T. I was fortunate to have been referred to Jenny. Jenny didn’t merely treat the injuries, she showed me what I was doing that helped create the problems and things I could change that would prevent further injuries.”

– Doug

“Jenny is a fabulous physical therapist! My 16 yo son had a bad knee dislocation with other complications, and had surgery to repair it. Jenny worked with the surgeon to develop a pt plan, and gave feedback to the surgeon so they could work together to provide the best results for my son. Jenny has a way of developing trust with her patients, and an ability to encourage reluctant patients to put in the work to get better. We are lucky to have Jenny and her skills in Santa Cruz.”

– K.J.

“I came to Jenny with chronic back and shoulder pain from surfing.  Not only did Jenny fix the pain with hands on manual therapy, but she identified the underlying issues caused by poor movement patterns.  I was able to get back surfing again pain free the next day.  And better yet,  I now have the insight and mobility/strengthening exercises Jenny gave me to prevent injury in the future.

Jenny spends the time one on one with you to actually address what’s going on with your specific body mechanics and injury. If you have any physical injury or discomfort that you can’t resolve on your own, I highly recommend Jenny.  She is hands down the best PT in Santa Cruz.”

– Taylor

“I recently saw Jenny for a chronic stiff neck I’ve had for years after a snowboarding injury.  She was so professional and easy to talk to.  She quickly diagnosed my neck pain as a fist rib issue, and was able to work out all the pain in one session.  I literally walked into the appointment unable to move my neck, and walked away with full range of motion.  I was just so impressed by her knowledge, confidence, and compassion – that I already look forward to seeing her again for a follow up.  I highly recommend her!”

– Allison

“I can’t say enough about Jenny and her extreme knowledge I had sever drop foot and she basically found a 40 year old scar that had nerve damage a worked on it to release the nerve and I’m back hiking again 11 miles Big Basin to Waddell today.” 

– Tony

“After being in a head-on car collision, I saw Jenny (a.k.a, fingers) for my neck injury. She helped me greatly during my recovery, and I appreciated her ability to target the stressed areas, and melt them away with her firm and exacting touch.”

– Candace

“I’ve probably been to every PT place in Santa Cruz at one time or another  I have been seeing Jenny for a year now for a knee replacement , rotater surgery and numerous other issues due to 61 years of a very active life. She is without a doubt the best!! Her great smile and great attitude immediately makes you feel better.  She always knows what to do and where to work on to help you feel better. Very caring and wonderful person. I won’t go any where else. I highly recommend her.”

– Richard

“Jenny Putt was born to be a physical therapist. I’ve seen her for two major injuries and she has guided me to full recovery. She is attentive, diligent, supportive and enthusiastic in her care. Her treatment is customized to each patient through analysis and patient feedback. She assertively, yes it can hurt a little, breaks up scar tissue and tackles your ailments. She provides well though-out home exercises and is so engaged in healing you that sometimes I felt she was more concerned with my recovery than I was. If you want a physical therapist who will get you back to living an active and physical life then see Jenny. She got me back to biking, swimming, hiking and enjoy my life after a broken collarbone and car collision injury.”

– Piet

“I met Jenny Putt exactly two years ago as a referral from my Stanford orthopedist, Dr. Matthew Miller, I sought a second opinion about the wisdom of surgery to correct my very painful and relatively intractable trochantar bursitis (hip pain), Dr. Miller recommended “intensive PT” at Jenny’s PT clinic, and I was (happily!) assigned to her as my PT provider. She worked with me two-three days per week all summer of 2013, and by fall, I was significantly better, though I continued to see her once-twice per week for the next year to keep t b at bay and for compressed disc pain and osteoarthritis of the spine and knee. 

Now, my trochantar bursitis is in complete remission, and I believe that the significant variable was Jenny’s expert deep massage manipulation (ouch!), targeted exercises, and unflagging coaching and encouragement to keep up my compliance with the home exercises.

I will continue to check in with Jenny for optimal maintenance several times a year in her private practice. Another plus about Jenny is that she explains the body’s anatomy, physiology, and what is connected to what with the greatest patience and clarity (for non-medically trained people). 

She is THE best (and I’ve seen a lot of PTs in my 68 years). I recommend her without hesitation.”

– Dion

“Jenny has helped me through two problems. She rehabbed me post rotator cuff surgery, keeping in touch with my surgeon from SOAR Clinic. The surgeon and I were both impressed with the results. Six months later she has worked with me again as I deal with lower back issues. 

She’s tough but compassionate. She listens to the issues and addresses them thoroughly. She reports to the referring doctor as needed and she is a stick figure artist extraordinaire! I highly recommend Jenny.”


“I first saw Jenny Putt after a quad tear which she helped me through quite quickly.

Recently, I have gone back to Jenny as I am working with a surgeon within the SOAR clinic (Sports Orthopedic And Rehabilitation) regarding knee damage. Jenny is giving the doctor information from our Physical Therapy sessions that will be used to help determine what sort of surgical treatment will best help me out. My Physical Therapy sessions with her has resulted in a reduction of pain and has also given me more mobility. My doctor was impressed by her and so am I.

She is extremely good at what she does and will help you get better. I would highly recommend her.”

– Peter

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