Become your own pelvic floor physical therapist.

Take control of your health with virtual offerings that meet you wherever you are in your journey.

New Beginnings

A Virtual Course For Pregnancy

New Beginnings is a complete guide to your core & pelvic floor for pregnancy. This self-paced course covers everything you need to know, from safe exercise to comfortable sleeping positions and so much more. Prepare your pelvic floor for labor and dive into strategies and positions for safe and effective pushing.

Whole Again

A Virtual Course For Postpartum

Have you had a baby in the last week, month or year? This course is for you. Whole Again covers everything you need to know about your postpartum body, with easy-to-follow instructions on what to do TODAY to start the process of rebuilding and feeling good again.

Join my team for weekly LIVE classes (or tune in on-demand when it works for you)

Created specifically for pregnancy and postpartum bodies, these classes focus on the key components that will keep you feeling strong, flexible and energized: functional core, gluts and shoulders with an emphasis on strength, mobility and cardio fitness.