Your complete postpartum program to regain mental and physical strength in parenthood.

This is for YOU. It's time to give yourself something, it's time for YOU to get support, it's time someone looked out for YOU. Happy healthy YOU, raises a happy healthy baby. This isn't luxurious, it's essential. 

Why A Program?

Becoming a parent is an adjustment. Education, direction, empowerment and support are mandatory but often absent in this transition.
A program provides the easy to access education and direction with weekly group coaching calls for accountability, support and community.

How This Program Works

A monthly subscription, you get to choose whether you want to weekly live calls.
Educational short videos (<10min) and transcripts.
Support, check ins and access to Jenny with weekly live calls (Tues @ 6:00pm PST) and online community (optional)

Content Overview

What to expect the first week of postpartum, why rest is important, cesarean scar massage, the rebuild process, signs and symptoms and what to do about them, baby ergonomics, 40+ weeks of strength programming.
Interviews of: lactation consultants, sleep consultant, mental health therapist, registered dietitian, acupuncturist, prenatal/postpartum doulas, massage therapist and midwives.
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Physical Module

What to Expect the First Week, Rest, Pelvic Floor, Abdominals, Breath, Posture, Baby Ergonomics, Diastasis Recti, Prolapse, Pelvic Pain, Perineal Tears, Incontinence, Hemorrhoids, Upper and Lower Body Pain, Bladder and Bowel Health, Return to Exercise, Return to Sex and More.

C-Section Module

Early Healing, Emotions Surrounding Cesarean, How to Move, Scar Massage, Compression Garments and More.


Mental Module

Body Image, Identity, Birth Trauma, Sleep Deprivation, Depression, Lonliness, Support and More.

Strength Program

Exercise Guidelines, Become Your Own Trainer, Exercise Considerations, Return to Running plus FIVE PHASES of Strength Programming which includes OVER 42 progressive WORKOUTS covering 40+ WEEKS of Postpartum Rebuild.

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Interviews with Perinatal Professionals

Lactation Consultants, Sleep Consultant, Registered Dietitian, Mental Health Therapist, Massage Therapist, Postpartum Doulas and Midwives.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls (Optional)

A weekly 60-minute live call with Jenny Putt PT every Tuesday @ 6:00pm PST. Calls provide an opportunity for check ins to ask any questions, have discussions and get support. This makes sure that your individual experience is addressed. Recordings are provided.

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A Sneak Peak

What considered "normal" baby blues and what constitutes postpartum depression.

Finding the balance not only in hormones and muscles but also in parenthood.

How to be your own trainer and five phases to rebuild from the ground up.

Throwing out thoughts, ideas and limiting beliefs that don't serve you.

Stop peeing yourself!

Feel good pooping!

Tuning in. Listening to your wants and needs. Asking for help and accepting it.

Learn all the baby ergonomics and how to incorporate baby in a strength program.

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